On a personal recommendation, I contacted Junkin Station in the fall of 2019 to help me handle the estate sale of an elderly sister-in-law. Not only was this going to be a daunting task because the home involved was a large three-story house filled to the brim with nearly 60 years of accumulated life belongings, but the house in question was over three hours away from where I live.

Within minutes during my first meeting with Tammy, I felt reassured that the task was possible and that I had found someone whom I could trust and upon whom I could rely to accomplish what seemed to me an impossible job!

I gave Tammy the key to the house, and Tammy and her associates moved into the house, organized and “staged” everything, and held a four-day sale—all without my being present. She even called me back a couple of weeks later and offered to do a “blow out” sale to clear out the remainder—and it worked!

Not only do I feel that Tammy is a consummate professional, but over the weeks of our meetings and communications, I felt she became a friend. I laughed to her about coming to do an estate sale in my current home of 50 years—but I really wasn’t joking! She turned what could have been a nightmare into an experience that was both enormously helpful and beneficial. I am grateful for Tammy’s kindness, honesty, friendship, and hard work, and—without reservation—I am happy to recommend Junkin Station.